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How to Raise a Reader


For some people, the warmest memories from childhood come from being read a great story. But reading to children does more than create warm memories. It develops children’s language skills and increases their ability to succeed in school and, later, work.

A new report by the American Academy of Pediatrics says reading aloud is so important that parents should start as soon as their children are born. And they should continue to read aloud even after their children can read by themselves.

Doctors say parents should read books that are not too long and on the right age level so children will not lose interest. They say parents should also point to and talk about pictures in books for infants. For young children, parents should ask questions about the book.

The company Scholastic is a major U.S. publisher of children’s books. Every two years, Scholastic publishes a report on American reading attitudes and habits. The 2015 report says only 31 percent of children in the U.S. read a book for fun almost every day.

Scholastic also identifies some ways to develop a love of reading in a child. One is simply to have books in the home.

Another way to develop a reading habit in children is to read to them. Researchers from the Scholastic company found that 80% of children surveyed say they love being read to. And children ages six to 11 whose parents do not read to them anymore say they miss it.

The Scholastic report also suggests permitting children to choose their own books. Of all the six to 17-year-olds in the Scholastic study, more than 90% said their favorite books are the ones they chose for themselves.

According to Scholastic, 70% of kids in the U.S. between ages six and 11 want to read books that are funny. The same study found that 54% of children want books that allow them to use their imaginations, and 41% want to read a book with a good mystery .

Of course, adults can enjoy children’s books, too. And many adults find that the books they read as children taught them lessons they still remember

Did you have a favorite children’s book when you were little?

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