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PPSU strap water cup

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Dicobell brand introduction: from the United States, care and love is a simple, fashionable and diversified European and American style, which brings the aristocracy for China baby.

Nordic forest:Forest is one of nature's guardian, to maintain the carbon dioxide and oxygen in the air the ecological balance, also can remove the poisonous and harmful gases in the air, the forest, also known as the "lungs of the earth", it is also the Dicobell product itself to pursue the healthy environmental protection, green products overall color is tie-in, printing to the forest, flowers and plants, animals, and products are simple and natural, minimalist, practical, and close to nature.

Nordic forest

Nordic high ash:Dicobell learned young mother, take your baby's pain and annoyance, design with high ash as the main tonal, the simple black and white ash, not the deck and deliberately carve of heavy and complicated, give a person with quiet and peaceful feeling, and help soothe mother took the child's troubles and pressure.

Nordic high ash

Nordic Grey Pink:When the deep grey meets the dream pink, a wonderful opportunity begins. Pink gives a person a kind of soft, sweet, shy, femininity, sweet feeling, every mother if born is a girl, I must get her dressed up beautiful dream, and pink is a girl's exclusive color, Dicobell grey pink, in her gray powder, give a person a kind of natural elegant nobility.

Nordic Grey Pink


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